At the Hostellerie du Cheval Blanc you can let yourself be pampered in our two restaurants by our chefs in quiet and relaxing environments where you can taste our lines designed to satisfy every palate

Le Petit

In a refined and exclusive environment, the quality of our cuisine is born from the respect of the seasons and the love for the products of the Valle d'Aosta region appreciated all over the world for their goodness and uniqueness. All accompanied by wines from the best local and non-local wineries.

La Brasserie

In our Brasserie the kitchen is characterized by the great attention paid to all dishes and the search for quality in an elegant but informal atmosphere.

The variety of recipes offered and the courteous and attentive service will make your evenings pleasant and interesting.

some dishes from

our menus

  • Aosta Valley soup €8,00

    Bread / Cabbage / Bacon / Fontina cheese
  • Aosta Valley Ribs €14,00

    Veal / Ham / Fontina cheese
  • Polenta Concia €9,00

    Flour / Toma cheese / Fontina cheese
  • Aosta Valley Cream €6,00

    Eggs / Milk / Cinnamon / Walnuts
  • Chestnut Soup €9.00

    Rice / Milk / Chestnuts
  • Vapelenentse Soup €10,00

    Bread / Savoy / Fontina cheese
  • Suede Civet €15.00

    Suede / Wine / Spices
  • Sweet Tegole € 5,00

    Eggs / Hazelnuts / Almonds


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