Festa delle mele in Antey and Gressan

The Valle d’Aosta dedicates two important autumn festivals to the apple: the “Festa delle Mele” by Gressan and “Melevallée” in Antey-Saint-André.

These two festivals, which are celebrated each year on the first and second Sunday of October respectively, are tasty occasions to savor specialties prepared with different apple qualities: jellies, jams, fruit juices, cider, cakes and pies.

In Gressan the celebrations coincide with the competition that awards the prize for the best local production: a jury of experts evaluates the appearance, integrity and size of the apples in the competition.

In Antey, in the streets of the old village, exhibitors sell delicacies of all kinds, all prepared with apples from the Valle d’Aosta.



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